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Pete Balciunas

Studio Owner
Pete is the founder of Wingman and built it on the love he has for art and people. Originally from California, one of his main passions is music and he’s been touching the hearts of music lovers everywhere by recording his own pieces professionally and working as a guitar and bass instructor for many years. Through his love for music and recording he’s worked on many beloved projects such as working with Tre Balfor of Color Me Badd, Modern Levi of New Direction, and even performing in the pop duo Butch and Sundance. He played bass with Mercy River for two years, played with the Drifters at Atlantic Records, and played alongside legends such as John French (Drumbo of Beef Heart.) Pete isn’t always in front of the microphone though, he often works hands on with the equipment like on projects such as audio book recording with Jamie Farr and recording music videos with The Stage Dolls. Pete also has a love for photography and is eager to take on challenging projects from larger than life air crafts to action packed construction sites. Although Pete has a love for countless art forms that he drives himself to learn more about everyday, his main love is people and connecting to them through his art. His loving wife and children inspire him to be a better artist and businessman every day and with that, Wingman was born.  

Savannah Sayan

Administrative Assistant
Still a fresh face when it comes to the field, Savannah is an aspiring screenwriter and is excited to learn more about all forms of art through her time at Wingman Studios. She worked as a studio photographer for two years and now gets to dip her toes into the exciting world of outdoor photography at Wingman. Her coworkers and family inspire her every day to perform at the top of her ability and although she still has much to learn her passion helps her work alongside the “big dogs.” Savannah is still in school for screenwriting today and works tirelessly on her own projects as well as on her many projects at Wingman. She hopes to improve the company as well as herself and wakes up every day excited to go to work.  

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