Analog Hybrid Audio Recording Studio In Melbourne, Florida

Hear the difference with Wingman's analog hybrid recording studio. Our 52 channel discrete modular Midas XL 200 analog recording desk manufactured by hand in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England paired with our powerful vintage outboard gear mix sound completely outside the box with warmth, separation and punch. Bring us a prerecorded project to be mixed analog or record at our in house studio. We offer an array of audio services to explore and first time clients get 25% off of their first eight hours in studio!

What We Can Do For You:
  • Music Production: Record and mix tracks with us, we work with single artist tracking as well as live band multi-tracking.
  • Analog Mixing Service: Mix prerecorded tracks of all sizes with us.
  • Voice Over: From audio books to voice acting demos, we record it all.
  • Analog hybrid recording experience workshops for musicians looking for an opportunity to record with other local players in the studio. Two days of intense musical focus to record 4 original songs. (food, snacks and drinks included in cost)
  • Analog hybrid engineering workshops to learn the precious art of audio recording and mixing on a 52 channel discrete modular analog recording desk. Two days of intense musical focus on tracking, mixing and mastering multiple songs. (food, snacks and drinks included in cost)

Wingman doesn't just have amazing equipment, but our in house studio means no travel and inconvenience for you. Whether your recording needs are musical or strictly vocal we will accommodate your needs, and with the technology Wingman has at it's disposal you can always expect a beautiful sound for your project.

Wingman recently hosted an amazing experience with music students that we like to call The Wingman Recording Workshop. At this workshop five students from Wickham Road Music spent two days in our studio recording original pieces to proudly display their work and learn more about the industry they dream to be in for the rest of their lives. Below we have the full recorded songs by these amazing students for everyone to enjoy, go follow our SoundCloud to know when new projects are posted!


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