These three principles are so common sense it'll make your beak drop.

Have you ever looked for your car keys and could not find them, only to realize they were right in front of you the whole time? What was it that kept you from seeing the car keys? Attention? Focus? We refuse to actually see the keys in the location that we are at because we thought the keys were somewhere else. This happens to a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners. The answer is right there in front of us, yet we just can't see it. Let’s take a look at three principles that are so common sense, you might not have paid any attention to them. If you focus on these three principles, your business will grow.

1. Increase Your Client Base

How do you increase your client base? Referrals and marketing. Most businesses ignore both of these because they seem too common. It’s the example of the car keys right in front of your face, yet you don’t see them. Do you have referral systems in place to gain new clients? Most businesses don’t. Wingman Digital Marketing helps businesses in this area all the time. We can help. Marketing is the art of persistence. Marketing is simply telling the story so that you can have your face time with your client to educate them about your product or service. You are there to help them make a solid decision.

2. Increase Your Prices

Some people feel that this is another form of business suicide. Actually, most businesses are not charging enough for their products and services. They’re being forced to monetize because of how they are marketing themselves. What if you change that? What if you could increase the value of what you sell and begin charging more? Even a 5% to 10% increase could make a huge difference over the life of a client. There are ways to increase the perceived value of your product or service. Wingman can help.

3. Increase Residual Income With Repeat Clients

What’s the lifetime value of a client worth to you? Most businesses ignore this fact. Imagine if you pay closer attention and was proactive in getting repeat business. Repeat business is business you essentially already have. You’re just not tapping into it. If you’ve done well for your clients in the past, there should be enough trust to be able to help them through a new buying process in the future. Take care of the clients you have. If you do, you will have no problems with sales in the future.

By simply increasing each one of these areas by 10% your business will grow geometrically 30% and beyond.

This is an example of geometric growth that most businesses don’t consider. Most try one small addition or change in their business expecting to get massive results. It takes massive change to gain massive results. If you increase your business in three separate areas, they will begin to compound. This is what we call geometric growth. Wingman Digital Marketing can help you grow geometrically today.