3 Reasons For Businesses To Do Review Videos
By: Pete Balciunas

Here’s an example of gaining significant reach utilizing a video review of a product that Wickham Road Music sells in their local store.


To do a
review video properly takes a lot of work and preparation. It is important that
the footage looks professional to hold on to credibility and trust with your
viewers. Content is equally important due to the fact that if you're not saying something of
interest, you’re not saying anything at all. There are multiple reasons to
shoot review videos. Let’s unpack each reason one by one.

1. Promote That Your Business is The Trusted Adviser

All business
is based upon trust and relationship. It doesn’t matter how much you know if
you can’t overcome that first obstacle. People don’t care how much you know
until you show them how much you care. Video is a fantastic medium to build
relationship and trust by helping people for free. Even though it takes a lot
of time, energy and money to produce a video, you’re still handing it over to
the public for free with no strings attached. How does this work then. By
building trust and relationship by being the trusted adviser your business will
automatically gain acceptance from the public eye that your business is the go
to for information on any given product or service. People want to purchase the
right product or service one time. They need trusted advisers to help them with
that decision.

2. Call Attention to Other Parts of Your Business

If someone
is watching your review video and trust you as their adviser, it is much easier to
share other products and services. This is a great opportunity to dovetail
other ways that you can help people relate to the product or service that you
are reviewing. Not only are you helping people with the current product that
they would be interested in purchasing, you can also lead them to other
products and services to increase your sales overall.

3. Become a Preeminent Business

Ask yourself
this question. Are other businesses within my market doing some type of review
videos? Chances are they’re not. If they are, there’s only a handful. This
brings up the subject of preeminence in business. When a business is preeminent, they are positioned in a way where they are at the top and other businesses are
copying what they do. A preeminent business is ultimately at the top of the
food chain in that market. Preeminent businesses are created by doing multiple
approaches to business growth, not just one. A preeminent business is the only
business on the minds of the public to receive a certain product or service.
Review videos, as well as other types of videos in addition to other marketing
techniques make businesses preeminent.

One part of
preeminence is to be the trusted adviser.

Wingman Digital Marketing understands business. It’s more than creating videos and
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