5 Advantages of Flash Photography For Marketing
By: Pete Balciunas

AQUA 9+ in-home water system is a great example of utilizing flash photography to gain attention above and beyond the AQUA 9+ competition of other water filtration system manufacturers.

In marketing, we are in a continual war over attention spans. How can we get our content to
rise above all of the white noise? If you do what everyone else is doing in
marketing, there will be no delineation between your product or service in
comparison to another business. One overlooked approach is taking a closer look
at the images for content in your promotions. Pictures are still the fastest
way to communicate on the face of the earth. It is said that a picture can convey
1000 words in one instance. This is a very formidable weapon against the war on
attention spans as long as your images stand out. This is where flash and
composition come in.

1. Make The Image Pop

There’s a
place for natural light when it comes to photography. You can count on the
image looking natural. I know that sounds redundant, but it’s true. How does
this affect marketing your product or service? Well, the marketing channels are
flooded with these types of images from cell phones to hobbyist photographers.
If your image of your business looks like, feels like, and says the same thousand
words everyone else is saying; we've got a problem. Flash will make the image pop.

2.The Marketing Channels Are Taking Notice

We live in a new age of marketing. Facebook for example can tell pixel counts and
authenticity of original images versus stock photography. If you choose to be like
everyone else, you get ranked like everyone else, and your reach is like
everyone else. Flash photography allows for creativity, originality, and even
special-effects. Original customized flash photography will get your business
noticed by the marketing channels in a positive way.

3. Flexibility

Marketing is a process that takes time and scheduling. You don’t have to wait for the sun or "natural" artificial light to get the shot. Flash photography allows for more
freedom in regards to when a photo can be taken. Sunshine or overcast, daytime
or night flash techniques can capitalize on all of these scenarios to create a
stunning image.

4. Gain The Cutting Edge

In business, we are only in competition with ourselves. When it comes to the marketing and
the war on attention spans, we need to think differently to get noticed. Flash
has the ability to bring increased contrast to an image. Contrast is necessary for
any person to see anything. Contrast allows for the ability to differentiate
one object or element from the next. Without contrast, all parts of the image
blend together. Flash literally gives you an edge on your subject. We see many
examples of what we would call flat images that are shot in natural light.
Depth of field can help yet flash will make the separation happen.

5. Flash Can Grow Your Business

Really? Yes, flash can help grow your business as it is one tool and approach combined with
many tools and approaches to help your business grow. Exponential growth
happens when you optimize multiple areas of your marketing simultaneously.
Natural laws begin to kick in and bring a synergistic energy that will allow
for geometric growth. Take productivity, composition, and add flash; you will increasing
your image reach within a marketing channel.

Your business deserves the best images possible for its marketing content.

Wingman Digital Marketing is committed to utilizing creative techniques including flash
to allow your product or service to stand out from the crowd. We choose to think
differently and understand the core of business to help your organization grow. Here are a few examples.

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