Overcoming Creative Block

By: Savannah Sayan

From print writers to novelists and everything in-between, we all fall into a slump.

Creative block is something that everyone who works artistically is confronted with at some point; it’s that looming presence that stops progression and plagues even the biggest virtuoso. Working in marketing I can go from creating ads to scripts to blogs all in one day and keeping my motivation is essential to a positive end result not only for my company, but for all of the clients we represent. In marketing, or any other project for that matter, falling into a slump is not an option! Beating the beast that i is a different battle for everyone and every situation, but some classic cures never fail.

Understanding Your Routine

Being someone who writes something every day, like myself, can put a strain on the creative flow. Fortunately because I write so often I’ve also found things in my routine that work for me every time. Understanding your routine and habits as an artist will really help you get yourself into a better head space when you're feeling stuck. One example I find is that when I experience writer’s block I try to rearrange my setting to make it more comfortable for me. I try to clean my work space to keep my thoughts organized. (I am a huge believer in adjusting your work space to fit your creative flow.) For some this may mean commuting to a restaurant and sitting at an empty table or working at a desk covered in papers. I'm not just talking about finding your ideal setting though, anything in your routine that you know works for you, make sure you stick with it. Many writers I know have to listen to the same song on a loop to find their mojo, need a specific coffee to get started, or  only work their best at night. There is no wrong answer as long as it helps you work!

Don't Be Afraid to Break That Routine

Keep in mind that in some ways sticking to your routine may be what’s killing your motivation and ideas. A lot of times exploring new ways of doing something helps you create the best end result, so be excited if you have to switch up your routine! With writer's block it's easy to get frustrated if you have to change something about your creative process but use it to remind yourself how positive it can be to be spontaneous or learn new things about yourself as an artist. Through personal experience I find that if I’m not feeling like writing or I’m not getting any inspiration, I’ll switch what medium I’m working with. If I’m not happy with what I’m typing I’ll pick up the trusty pen or pencil just to switch it up and it really helps me. For some people switching up their routine might just be listening to a new song or reading a new writer’s work. It’s important to understand the difference between the routines that work for you and the ones that are subject to change.

Two Heads are Better Than One

One other thing that I feel it is important for a writer to understand about themselves is if they have a good team to bounce ideas off of and talk to when they’re in a slump. Whether it’s an online message board consisting of authors of all sorts or it’s your best friend who just gets you as an artist, I believe it’s very important to find a peer to motivate you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a friend rescue me from missing a deadline because of their fresh take on my writing. Working for a marketing team, I have great support from my coworkers when working on projects and they filter my work which is very much needed for all marketing projects in my opinion. Out of all of these tips, this is probably one that works for me every time no matter what, as long as it’s the right trusted peer.

 Finding out who you are as an artist and finding support in places, even unconventional or unlikely places, are the ways I’ve beaten my creative block most consistently. Lots of bloggers will just tell you to drink more water or to sleep it off which may work for some, but I believe that if you don’t understand your artistic process then your roadblocks will become more frequent and you won’t even understand where they’re coming from. I highly encourage every artist to find themselves in order to produce the best art, even if that’s just by discovering something simple that works for you like maybe having a fan on while you write. Finding support is very important and not every artist has the benefit of someone to lean on, so if you find that don’t let go, and if you need it we at Wingman can always help.

Working for this company and our amazing diverse clientele breathes new life into my writing every day and I as well as my other Wingman associates would love to be inspired by new clients like you. We aren’t just marketing, we’re the company that helps you look your best because you help us do what we love every day. Thank you to those who help Wingman grow and know that we’d love to help you grow with us one word at a time.