AQUA 9+ Alkaline Ionic Mineral Drinking Water

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AQUA 9+ Alkaline Ionic Mineral Drinking Water

  • ‍AQUA 9+ takes pride in educating the public on hydration health as well as the differences of alkaline water and filtration systems. Wingman Digital Marketing had the opportunity to produce a series of videos that are utilized on the AQUA 9+ website to help promote and educate the public on the benefits ionic mineral infused alkaline water.

Wingman Digital Marketing focused on capturing unique representations of the AQUA 9+ water bottle that was different than their competitors. This image is as cool and refreshing as the water itself. This image was utilized as a hero image on the AQUA 9+ website.
Wingman Digital Marketing took pride in making the AQUA 9+ in-home water system look captivating and flat out cool. It shows the craftsmanship of the water system with a little extra help from lights and smoke.
Another pillar for AQUA 9+ is their kiosk systems located in multiple locations in health food stores and storefronts. The water kiosk is an investment business opportunity that Wingman Digital Marketing wanted to show clearly on the new website.
Taking interesting photos of AQUA 9+ bottled water was used for blog, website, and social media promotion. This was shot at the Atlantic Ocean in Satellite Beach Florida.
Marketing with animals is very effective as AQUA 9+ is just as healthy for pets as it is humans. This image, with other images, were used as promotion on the newly designed website.
‍The message is on the bottle. Drink Aqua 9+ and increase your health. This image was used as ongoing promotion through the newly designed website.
We find that health-conscious people are usually older in age. Wingman Digital Marketing wanted to include young people to market the point that proper hydration through AQUA 9+ drinking water is good for all ages.
As a part of AQUA 9+ promotion, we wanted to also concentrate on young people and their active lifestyles. From surfing, to just hanging out at the beach, proper hydration with AQUA 9+ is essential.
Wingman Digital Marketing wanted to create a youthful image for AQUA 9+. Young people interacting with the product gives permission for this market to engage with the brand. This image was positioned as a gallery shot on the newly designed website.
Shooting bottled water by a large body of water, like an ocean, reinforces the refreshing attributes of water overall. Capturing people engaging with the product gives permission for those within the market to interact as well. This image was a part of the newly designed website gallery.
Targeting youth with an active lifestyle was a strategy for Wingman Digital Marketing to focus on helping sales and awareness for young people with AQUA 9+ drinking water.
The Final Results: AQUA 9+

Wingman Digital Marketing was able to increase AQUA 9+ online footprint focusing on hydration awareness and health benefits of an active lifestyle. AQUA 9+ experienced business growth.

“Pete and his team were extremely professional throughout the helicopter photo/video shoot and offered various ideas on how to best capture our shared vision of the end product. The quality was impeccable and the vision fully realized.”
Lyle Becka, CEO
Northstar Aviation
They have been great!  The team is awesome. They have excellent ideas and truly care about the success of my business. Highly recommend them!
Don Farnsworth, Owner
Wickham Road Music
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