Blast Off Performing Arts

Blast Off Performing Arts
Nikon D800, Nikon Glass, Speedlights
Lead Photographer

Blast Off Performing Arts Improv Class

  • ‍Wingman Digital Marketing produced this promotional video to help interested participants to know what to expect while attending these very powerful improv classes. This video increased awareness and sparked more conversations to help those with special needs.

‍Wingman Digital Marketing wanted to capture close and thought-provoking moments of the Blast Off Performing Arts class.
Capturing the fun and positive atmosphere that came with participating in the Blast Off Performing Arts class was very important to the organization. Smiling faces of the attendees proves the point and establishes trust. These are moments promote the value in the mission of Blast Off Performing Arts.
Being able to relay fun and excitement of this very unique class was the focus that Wingman Digital Marketing took as they had this wonderful opportunity to be part of such a great group of people.
Gentleness and care was another attribute that was focused on during the photo shoot. Wingman Digital Marketing believed that they could capture those behaviors and emotions through the camera lens. The goal was to help the fundraising cause of this great organization.
Because this is such a unique group, confirming that everyone would be involved and care would be taken was paramount. We see through the images that apprehension would be handled with encouragement and love.
Confidence is one of the attributes of improv classes. This translated impeccably to the Blast Off Performing Arts class. Everyone was engaged and everyone was involved. Wingman Digital Marketing wanted to be sure to capture this through photography and video.
Leadership and supervision was another focal point of the photography showing that there are caring leaders and that all participants are safe.‍
‍Sometimes you just need to capture someone who is photogenic and enthusiastic.
  • ‍Blast Off Performing Arts encouraged all participants to express themselves freely in a fun and safe environment. Wingman Digital Marketing was there to capture the fun.

Final Result: Blast Off Performing Arts

Blast Off Performing Arts experienced greater exposure that increased class numbers to move the program forward with growth.

“Pete and his team were extremely professional throughout the helicopter photo/video shoot and offered various ideas on how to best capture our shared vision of the end product. The quality was impeccable and the vision fully realized.”
Lyle Becka, CEO
Northstar Aviation
They have been great!  The team is awesome. They have excellent ideas and truly care about the success of my business. Highly recommend them!
Don Farnsworth, Owner
Wickham Road Music
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