Brevard Grouting Service

Brevard Grouting Service
Nikon D800, Zeiss and Nikon Glass, Sony FS700, Speedlights
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Brevard Grouting Services

‍It was important to Brevard grouting that their capabilities both small-scale and large-scale would be evident in their images. This image featuring the "small drill" is working on the foundation for a condominium near Cocoa Beach. Wingman Digital Marketing was on the worksite capturing the progress.
Cleaning the drill was a fascinating sight that Wingman Digital Marketing wanted to capture as most people would never get an opportunity to see the mortar being shaken off of the drill to move to the next pile. Our goal was to capture the process.
‍Massive pre-constructed rebar is moved around the construction site like tinker toys. Brevard Grouting is precise as well as incredibly safe as they move swiftly to meet the jobs deadline.
‍There is precision in preparing the center rebar of each pile to be used for proper measurements. Wingman Digital Marketing wanted to show the hands-on expertise of the crew through the whole process.
What most people don't know is that Brevard Grouting designed and manufactured the retrofitted pieces to create the drill. Brevard Grouting is an innovator and uses its inventive vision to make this organization the preeminent pile drilling contractor in the State of Florida.
‍Rebar sometimes upwards of 60 feet in length reinforces the piling. Moving the rebar carefully into the drill hole will be waiting for concrete as the next step. Brevard Grouting moves with precise choreography throughout the construction site placing pilings strategically. Wingman Digital Marketing captured this intriguing performance.
‍More shaking and cleaning of the drill at slower shutter speeds for a dramatic effect.
Brevard Grouting carefully contemplates the next move of the drill, concrete pump lines and rebar to complete the task. Wingman Digital Marketing captures the artists at work displaying what future clients will experience by utilizing Brevard Groutings Services.
The magnitude of certain construction sites are more than enormous. You can see all the pilings that have been drilled as a foundation for the soon coming condominium on the shore of Satellite Beach. Wingman Digital Marketing wanted to capture the fact that there is no job too big or too small for Brevard Grouting Service.
There is no room for error when drilling pilings for such a large project so near to the ocean. Wingman Digital Marketing wanted to capture that all of the T's were crossed and the I's were dotted as Brevard Grouting Service continued to drill.
With fingertip precision Brevard Grouting Service will drill a foundation that will last the test of nature and time.
Final Result: Brevard Grouting Service

Brevard Grouting Service , through the help of Wingman Digital Marketing, now has a website worthy of their exclusive expertise that is promoting business growth.

“Pete and his team were extremely professional throughout the helicopter photo/video shoot and offered various ideas on how to best capture our shared vision of the end product. The quality was impeccable and the vision fully realized.”
Lyle Becka, CEO
Northstar Aviation
They have been great!  The team is awesome. They have excellent ideas and truly care about the success of my business. Highly recommend them!
Don Farnsworth, Owner
Wickham Road Music
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