Northstar Aviation

Northstar Aviation
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Northstar Aviation

  • Northstar Aviation video overview of their 407 MRH Lightning light assault aircraft produced by Wingman Digital Marketing.

This impressive aerial shot of the Northstar 407 MRH Lightning was taken in flight. The goal of this image was to show how capable this aircraft can be utilizing Hellfire missile weapons technology.

Wingman Digital Marketing helped Northstar Aviation's 407 MRH to be re-branded after a series of photos were taken utilizing lightning in the images to show agility, authority, and strength. The official name the aircraft now is Northstar Aviation 407 MRH Lightning.

Lightning is not an uncommon site at the hangar location of the NSA 407 MRH Lightning. The U.S. headquarters for Northstar is located in Brevard County Florida, the lightning capital of the world. There are more lightning strikes in one year in Brevard County than any other location on the globe.

‍This ominous and intimidating image was used multiple places including international trade shows, websites, and large print banners to display the aircraft.

To help give size reference to the 407 MRH Lightning, we shot this image outside the hangar to get a relative idea of what is possible in terms of maintenance, storage and how to hanger a fleet.

To create this awesome helicopter, Northstar Aviation has multiple partners who provide equipment for the aircraft. This image shows a very detailed view of the weapons and the FLIR radar system.

As Northstar Aviation began embracing the re-brand of the 407 MRH aircraft by adding the word lightning to the title, Wingmen Digital Marketing began working the pictures to support the new image.

Our goal was to be able to show future clients of Northstar Aviation up close and personal images of all the weapons and technology that was available by choosing Northstar.

It was time to take some creative shots within the hangar showing off the aircraft utilizing special flash lighting techniques. Wingmen Digital Marketing wanted to create images that were different than Northstar's competitors.

The FLIR, also known as the sixth sense, is a highly sophisticated piece of technology that aids the 407 MRH Lightning in every mission. This picture also shows a brand-new gun pod technology that is in the background as the focal point of this image was the FLIR system.
Northstar Aviation has an impressive aircraft as seen here in the air while Brevard County Florida has impressive clouds.

This image of the Northstar 407 MRH Lightning has been used multiple times for presentations because of the angle and the high pixel count allowing for zooming on the original image for descriptions and selling points for U.S. Approved Governments and Ministers of Defense.

At the time that this image was shot, there was only one model of this FLIR radar & surveillance system in the world. FLIR used this image for their promotions. This image showed that the 407 MRH lightning is capable of utilizing the latest technologies.
Wingman Digital Marketing takes pride in utilizing light sculpting with flash within their photography techniques. Not just small subjects, we are fully capable of creatively shooting large subjects, including aircraft. This image has been used many times to promote the aircraft through the website and brochure that was also created by Wingman Digital Marketing.
‍The Northstar Aviation 407 MRH Lightning is fully capable of performing missions in austere environments. This is one many images to help communicate that fact.
Final Result: Northstar Aviation

The efforts of Wingman Digital Marketing played a significant role in landing multimillion dollar contracts and future bids with United States government and other allied nations. Northstar aviation is now critically acclaimed with international awards and recognition from video and images produced by Wingman Digital Marketing.

“Pete and his team were extremely professional throughout the helicopter photo/video shoot and offered various ideas on how to best capture our shared vision of the end product. The quality was impeccable and the vision fully realized.”
Lyle Becka, CEO
Northstar Aviation
They have been great!  The team is awesome. They have excellent ideas and truly care about the success of my business. Highly recommend them!
Don Farnsworth, Owner
Wickham Road Music
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