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Here is an archived collection of videos produced by Wingmen Digital Marketing for clients that are not on our client portfolio page.

  • Slow motion video capture of the Bagel Joe's bagel making process.
  • One part of a multi-part series of interviews covering L.E.W. Inc.'s views on the health of Florida waterways.
  • The L.E.W. Inc. promotional video for their Marshmaster mowing services.
  • For the Wingman Recording Experience July 2019 we recorded four original and diverse songs. Our first is "Clowning Around" by Ian Hendriecks.

  • "Walking Tall" was also created for this recording workshop by Pete Balciunas. The piece was heavily inspired by influential bands such as ACDC and Avenged Sevenfold, the students took to the piece with excitement.

  • "Light Blue" also by Balciunas was meant to capture a fun groovy feel. As you can see the students rocked it out and we were so excited to capture every moment.

  • The last song of the Wingman Recording Workshop of July 2019 was "Three Days Riding" created by Ethan Greek. This tune took us back to the old west and wanted to convey that through our video.

  • Wingman Digital Marketing had the privilege of covering the Melbourne Air & Space Show 2018 as guests of Northstar Aviation. This video, as a promotional tool, shows community fun and excitement featuring vintage aircraft, aerial aerobatics, Shockwave Jet truck, Stealth B-2 Bomber and the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.

  • What About America is an organization located in Victorville California focused on helping the homeless and disengaged veterans. Wingman Studios had the honor of producing both the music and the video for the launch of this organization.

  • Wingman Digital Marketing had the privilege of working with the law offices of Crutchfield, Wilson and Morgan to create a commercial that tells the story of a darker human condition that ultimately leads people to a family law attorney. This attention-getting commercial was written and produced by Wingman Digital Marketing.

  • ‍Under the direction of Wingman Digital Marketing, the law offices of Crutchfield Wilson and Morgan created a series of videos answering common questions when it comes to family law. These videos are very helpful to answer questions for the law firm before clients would call for assistance.

  • Testimonial videos build trust for future clients interested in your product or service. This was true for Crutchfield, Wilson Morgan as Wingman Digital Marketing produced a series of videos with satisfied clients who had experienced the law firm with great results.
  • Wingman Digital Marketing believes in the furtherance of local arts through young people. It was our privileged to capture this performance of The Drowsy Chaperon - Under the direction of Holly Karnes.
    Enjoy this masterfully written and skillfully performed musical comedy.
    Eau Gallie High School pulls out all the stops to present The Drowsy
    Chaperone. Be prepared for fun music, dancing, and characters displaying
    clever entertaining humor. You will get lost in the story and forget
    that the cast and the pit band are all in high school. Through amazing
    acting and music direction, Eau Gallie High School has helped young
    people raise to the top of their potential in the arts. Enjoy!

From video reviews, education, commercials, or live events; Wingman Digital Marketing has got your six.

“Pete and his team were extremely professional throughout the helicopter photo/video shoot and offered various ideas on how to best capture our shared vision of the end product. The quality was impeccable and the vision fully realized.”
Lyle Becka, CEO
Northstar Aviation
They have been great!  The team is awesome. They have excellent ideas and truly care about the success of my business. Highly recommend them!
Don Farnsworth, Owner
Wickham Road Music
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