L.E.W. Inc.

About LEW Inc

LEW Inc. is a large pipeline integrity company working both in the state of Florida and the state of Texas. Working with large municipalities like the gas company, LEW Inc. wanted to expand services to the local community with a focus on cleaning Florida retention ponds and waterways for ecological health and prevent flooding during Florida’s wet season. The owner of LEW Inc. is a Florida native who understands the needs of Florida communities, lakes and waterways. LEW Inc. reached out to Wingman Design And Marketing to promote the message of their ecological services.

Before we started

LEW Inc. was an established company moving into a new service business space. Wingman design and marketing created a custom website featuring all of the services LEW Inc. offered now to the local community and beyond. There was no website or any marketing prior to Wingman Design And Marketing’s involvement. There was a large learning curve understanding LEW Inc.’s services and ecological benefits utilizing mechanical aquatic vegetation removal, dredging and general waterway clearing to promote ecological health.

How we helped

wingman design and marketing strategized a marketing campaign based on ecological education for the local communities in Florida. This eventually broadened across the state of Florida and into Georgia. This process included building a custom website utilizing award-winning photography and video and generating large amounts of language content educating the public on waterway health. Other platforms utilized and established for Facebook, Google my business and Google ads promoting LEW Inc.’s services across the state of Florida and parts of Georgia.

The result

LEW Inc. services now include aquatic vegetation removal, shoreline restoration, land clearing, excavating, dredging to the local community, the entire state of Florida and Georgia. LEW Inc. has landed multiple contracts from government agencies as well as homeowners associations across the state of Florida.

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